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my first ever write up

oh my God this is harder than i thought

so yeah! writing a blog is no joke..i have read a number beginning

of blogs and never paid attention to the fact how much time and effort goes into putting the show together.but now that i am trying my hand at it, i realize man! this shit is hard!!!

“choosing theme is a great ordeal”

for sure! decorating a blog that every reader would be tempted to read.yeah sounds easier than it actually is.there is this whole lot of options after options after options that you have to choose from.and for an indecisive person it is an avalanche of problems.(stress-sweating already….ooopss!!!)

yet optimistic

as they say when you really want something the entire universe conspires to put it together for you…..hoping the universe to play on my side of the game.i will try until i get it right!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


#first timer #trytillyousucceed


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